How I lost 25 lbs (for FREE) in 6 months – Part 2

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2. Record absolutely everything you eat or drink, every day for the rest of your life

Yes you heard me correctly.  Record everything.  Please don’t posts any mean comments on this.  I know almost every “diet” out there says, “never have to count calories again!’  Well that’s not true.  Not if you want to lose weight.  And you know what? Someone is counting the calories for you on those diets.  You’re just paying them to do it. As soon as you don’t use that diet and no longer pay to have someone keep track of the calories the weight comes right back on.  Why?  Because you are taking in too many calories.


If you consume more calories than you expend or use in any given day you will gain weight! There is good news however.  All you have to do is consume less calories than you expend or use in a day and you will lost weight!

The best way I have found to do this is with an App called MyFitnessPal.  Just download it on your phone or computer, input the initial information they ask for and then use the App everyday to record every morsel you put into your mouth.  This includes everything you drink also.  Even water as it is important to drink enough water.  And it’s FREE.  There is a paid subsciption for $9.99 a month or $49.99 a year but I have never done that.  The paid subsciption adds the following:

  • Ad-free Experience: Access MyFitnessPal on your Android or iOS device, or on the web, and enjoy all of premium’s awesome features without the distraction of banner ads.
  • VIP Customer Support: Jump to the front of the line when you need help from our world-class customer happiness team.
  • Premium Content: Get access to exclusive MyFitnessPal dietitian-approved original recipes, meal plans and nutrition tips created by our in-house nutrition and coaching team.

MyFitnessPal says if you join Premium, “you get a smarter, deeper understanding of what you’re eating with the highly customizable nutrient dashboard. Pump up your protein or keep a close eye on cholesterol? With our new nutrient dashboard, you see more than just your calorie goal. With one glance, you see progress toward your calorie and your macronutrient goals. No more digging to figure out your progress against macro targets.”

I’ve only ever used the free app and even with that you get lots of good helpful articles and recipes.  But if you need to be keeping better track of your cholesterol, or sodium or need to increase proteins then the paid app will be helpful.  I don’t get any financial commission for promoting this app.  It’s just a great app!

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