How I lost 25 lbs (for FREE) in 6 Months – Part 4

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4. Keep it real…your food that is

We’ve learned how to discover our reason for staying healthy, the importance of recording everything we take into your bodies, and the importance of keeping our bodies hydrated.

We also need to keep it real. Everything we put into our bodies should be real, original and whole, unaltered food and drink.

There are several simple guidelines to follow to accomplish this goal.

Eat less CRAP:

  • C– Carbonated Drinks
  • R– Refined Sugar
  • A– Artificial Sweeteners and Artificial Colors
  • P– Processed Foods

Eat more FOOD:

  • F– Fruits and Vegetables
  • O– Organic Lean Proteins
  • O– Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • D– Drink Water

Beware of “health foods” or “organic foods.” These so called “health foods” often have a lot of additives or ingredients you can’t pronounce. I don’t recommend eating them, as they are not real or natural. They may be FDA approved but they are not natural or real. Stick with foods that are whole or unaltered. Use foods that have not been processed in any way. Foods that are in the same state as when they were harvested are best.

Over eating healthy foods such as nuts, seeds, fruits, etc. while great sources of vitamins and minerals, they also contain a lot of calories and if you consume too many in a day you will gain weight.

I know in today’s world it is very difficult to not ever use boxed or pre-packaged foods. The good news is several companies are coming out with prepared foods that have only natural ingredients and also 5 or less ingredients. When buying prepacked foods always look at the list of ingredients and choose ones that have 5 ingredients or less and ingredients that you recognize and can pronounce.  I do buy a few prepacked foods like chips or crackers but only the ones that follow the 5 or less, recognizeable ingredient rule.  They are more expensive but you either pay for good food or you pay for health care due to diseases later or pay for medication.  You get to choose!  Look for these foods and keep them on hand in your pantry.

One of my favorites are…

RXBars that are packed with protein but only have 3-5 total and natural ingredients. No artificial ingredients are included. These bars are chewy and tasty. I cut these into 4 pieces and eat only ¼ at a time to keep the calories to a minimum or reasonable level. This is one area where even though it is “clean” food with no additives doesn’t mean it doesn’t have calories. If you eat too many or too much you will gain weight or fail at losing the desired weight.

The Key to sticking to real foods is to make them available and accessible and to keep the wrong or artificial foods out of your pantry. Slowly (or all at once) remove any foods that have artificial ingredients and get them out of the house. If it is opened packages or foods that have a short shelf life then just dispose of them. If it is foods that would benefit someone who has nothing to eat then donate them to a food bank or a church that has a food distribution center.

Having real foods in the house that are easily accessible will take some time to accomplish and some planning. But once you have a list of foods you like and keep them available this will be just as easy as preparing the unhealthy boxed foods. The key here is to have them available and ready to go so you don’t reach for a boxed version or fast food because there is nothing else available.

I recommend keeping options really simple at first so as not to overwhelm yourself. So many programs suggest having uncommon foods on hand to use in recipes and we end up being frustrated or overwhelmed. Buy plain simple foods that you enjoy eating and start with those. Don’t get bogged down with complicated recipes at first. You can add in fancier and more complicated recipes gradually as you get used to eating real food.

When you first start cutting out all foods that are processed or high in sugar you may feel worse instead of better. You may feel sluggish, tired, or experience headaches. Many people mistake this for “not working” and give up before seeing any results. When you deprive your body of the sugars it has been addicted to for years your body is going to protest, crave sugars all the more and release toxins causing you to feel bad.

Don’t give up! If you need more rest during this phase, (you probably will) then rest more. If you need to take something for a headache, then take something. This will pass especially if you are intentional about replacing water. As a matter of fact I don’t recommend starting a campaign to get off of sugar or processed foods until you have gotten into the habit of hydrating daily with 3-4 quarts of water.

To be continued…watch this site for step 5

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