How I lost 25 lbs (for FREE) in 6 Months – Part 5

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Make exercise fun!

And easy. Simple and accessible.

Drag out the bike from behind the paint and tossed aside stored baby paraphernalia.  Dust it off, oil it up and put air in the tires.  Then grab a family member or friend and go for a ride in the fresh air and sunshine.  Meet the neighbor from down the street and go for a walk every morning.  Or go for a walk by yourself, pop in the earbuds and listen to something uplifting or inspiring.

No need for an expensive gym membership or the latest cross-fit traning method.  As a matter of fact I advise against that if that is not already your norm.

It’s not necessary to start an exercise program the first couple of weeks of a new eating plan as that may even make it more difficult to stick to the eating plan.  Especially if we are cutting out a lot of sugar or junk food from out diets.  We will feel tired, possibly have headaches and joint pain as we get toxins out of our system.  If you do anything at first, start slow.  A 30 minute walk or bike ride.

Do one step at a time.  Get used to the first step then add in another one.

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