Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family by Paul David Tripp

This book has a profound message!

I used to think I had the power to change my children. That if I followed the prescribed parenting formula they would be perfect.

Where was this book when I had four boys, 5 and under, homeschooling and struggling to stay on top of everything!

It’s never too late to change direction and make a change in your parenting techniques. It doesn’t matter what age your children currently are.

It will help you to stop blaming yourself for how your children may have turned out and give you tools to help them…and yourself.

Author, Paul David Tripp, shares such a practical, God ordained message, not only on parenting but on life in general, that we can’t afford to miss what he says.

Whether you are getting ready to parent your first child, are in the middle of parenting a whole bunch of kids, if you are a teacher, a youth leader, an empty nester or a grandparent, you need to read this book! Highly recommended.  Click here to order a copy.

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Why I read this book…

I’m considered a “senior citizen” (just barely though) and all my children are adults, most with children of their own, so why am I reading a parenting book?

Because God is still parenting me and I still have a lot to learn! ¬†Time, age…but mostly years of realizing how much I need grace and mercy from my Heavenly Father, helped me develop a more grace-filled parenting approach.

“Personal contact with Jesus alters everything!” Oswald Chambers