Blue Like Jazz

Blue Like Jazz  is Donald Miller’s personal memoirs about his journey into and through anger and confusion about Christianity, self-doubt, the struggle to “love people just because they exist” no matter their situation in life yet not abandon the truth of scripture. Miller is so quirky, honest and transparent about his search for true meaning that it may make some parents want to ban the book but if you hang in there he leads you straight to Jesus. (It’s not in any way graphic or inappropriate, just says what every one is thinking but not saying). I love how Miller points out that God never withholds love to teach us a lesson and that to have influence or get people to listen to you about spiritual matters they have to sense that you like them and that you care. And he likes Ravi Zacharias and Brennan Manning! Highly recommended.  Click here to order!

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Why I read this book

In our women’s Bible study group, between us, we have many kids in the highschool and college age group. A lot of our kids were reading the book and we thought we could gain some insight into their mindset. We were very surprised how much we really liked Miller’s take on all things religious.