The Sacred Search

If you are looking for a great book on the subject of relationships, dating and marriage this is an awesome read! It will change your perspective on the subject. Author Gary Thomas shows us what it means to keep God at the center of our relationships and to focus on a greater mission in your future marriage. A great gift for that special single person in your life! I highly recommend this book.  Click to order The Sacred Search.

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Why I read this book…since I am WAY past “searching” for anyone…

Oh boy, where do I start.  I SO wish I had this book and read it at about age fourteen! I didn’t want my only daughter to make the same mistakes in this area (and there were a LOT) so I read this before giving it to my daughter. Even after 35 years of marriage it was helpful (in a reverse kind of way) to bring healing to my soul.  Plus it led me to a whole list of other books by Gary Thomas on marriage like Sacred Marriage, A Lifelong Love, and Cherish that will bless your marriage no matter what state it is in. So if you have a teen boy or girl, young highschool or college age son or daughter, don’t hesitate another minute.  Order Sacred Search for them now and read it to them or bribe them to read it!